About Us

Jackpot One is a Bulgarian company, specialized in the development of jackpot signs and accessories for gaming premises. Our products act as a real magnet for the player attention and boost your business results. In addition to our core portfolio, we also manufacture a variety of new products for the gaming industry, upon client individual request. We started in 2016, as we were asked to design a jackpot sign for a small gaming hall. We took the challenge with enthusiasm, adding to the background we had, some boldness, creativity and innovative approach.

As a result, the product we delivered was different from anything offered to the market at the moment. The model immediately captivated our customers, and then it become a bestseller. The combination of clean shapes and attractive look has become our trademark!

Today our portfolio has been constantly expanding. To the range of jackpot designs, we have added several new product lines with accessories and requisites for optimizing the gaming equipment and space. They are affordable and suitable for all types of operations - from largest to smallest, giving a unique character to each gaming premise.

To our loyal customers we now offer personalized video content for promotional panels and jackpot displays streaming.

If you need to show in the most accessible and attractive way what your equipment have to offer on the gaming floor – we can do it for you! Call us and we will make a jackpot sign with unique design, tailor made for your individual needs and requirements.

We work for your success!