Six exclusive signs from Jackpot One were demosntrated at BEGE EXPO 2019

For the second year in a row, Jackpot One's state-of-the-art signs impressed customers and visitors of BEGE EXPO. We demonstrated the best of our range, including latest upgrades of the popular 3D GS1, Magic GS and Indy GS, along with the brand new Legend GS, getting its first orders.

We were also proud to have our jackpot signs showcased by two of the leading gaming companies this year: Casino Technology demonstrated Imperial GS, customized for their slot groups, while Novomatic made use of the impressive Quatro Vista GS highlighting its benefits for larger gaming halls.

Visitors were impressed by the constructive innovations, which we demonstrated, including the option of mounting even the largest jackpot signs on a stand, including two-sided ones, which is especially useful for bigger casinos and gaming halls. The improved upgrades of the accessories for slot floor optimization also attracted great interest: shelf spacers Spacer GS - with an option of instant replacement of the decorative panel, and the new development of JP End of bank – with or without media screen.

We remain at your disposal for inquiries and top orders of the showcased exhibits. Our happy customers are the best reference we have!

Jackpot One for the second time at BEGE EXPO

After a very successful year, the Jackpot One team is ready once again for BEGE EXPO, Sofia.

The products we showcased in 2018 have been launched on a number of markets, including Bulgaria, Romania, Macedonia, Serbia and Georgia, founding great response from the customers.

This year we shall demonstrate the brand new jackpot sign Legend GS – designed for small to midsized gaming halls and casinos. Compact, elegant and easy to maintain, it offers the same attractiveness to the customer as the largest signs thanks to its smart design and impressive effects.

We have also added to the jackpot range a selection of accessories for optimization of casino floor. At BEGE EXPO we shall demonstrate our new Spacer GS - lightweight, portable and adjustable, with an option to instantly change the decorative panel, it adds great customer convenience, promotional value and slot operation efficiency.

At our BEGE EXPO stand we shall also showcase all the sought after jackpot signs that already boast successful installations, including: 3D GS1 bestseller, Magic GS, Handy GS, Indy GS, Imperial GS and Quatro Vista GS.

We are eager to meet you there and impress you with exceptional offers and bonus extras we have prepared for new and loyal customers!

20, 21 November 2019, Inter Expo Center, Sofia, Stand No 3.26!

Jackpot One expands on the Romanian market

Jackpot One has entered the Romanian market with a new installation of the jackpot sign series 3D GS 1 in Manhattan casino chain in Bucharest. The installation of the top product includes jackpot sign, along with personalized video, custom made for the client. This is one of the new options that Jackpot One offers to its loyal customers who have purchased a jackpot product and the Easy CSMS casino management system.

Following the first successful installation in August, Jackpot One are currently making jackpot signs for the other five Manhattan gaming halls in Bucharest.

JPOne has а significant debut in Macedonia

One of the best-selling products - 3D GS 1 was installed at Casino Cherry!

3D GS 1 is one of the best JPOne products! Together with the dashboard we made a special, free design of the elements themselves! This is one of the options that JPOne provides to our customers! In Macedonia, several цасино сигнс were installed - Handy. This Casino sign is very suitable for small halls and Casinos! Handy debuts on BEGE EXPO 2018 together with 3D GS_1.

JPOne is also developing a new conception of a medium-sized signs - Legend GS. It is designed for small and medium size halls!

JPOne works hard to provide the products you want!


JPOne had his first exhibition – BEGE EXPO 2018



It was an excellent exhibition for us! It was excitement seeing excitement of our Customers!

Showing some of our best product as 3D GS1, Magic GS, Indy GS and Hangy GS, drew the right direction for the company

Our meetings with a large number of clients and the talks with them showed us their support and an incentive for our work! JPOne`s team has shown that company can make products desirable and likable by the business. BEGE was a successful show for JPOne! No doubt you can expect us to participate at BEGE 2019, Our new products will charm you!

After several successful installations JPOne  is preparing for their second consecutive BEGE Expo 2019.

The event will be held on 20-21 November in INTER EXPO CENTER, SOFIA  and will give arena to our special products .BEGE is the biggest trade show on Balkan Peninsula. There we will display models that will be present for the first time in the country – IMPERIAL GS and QUATRO VISTA GS

JPOne works for you! We Make Signs! Signs for your business!